Thomas Russell Wingate
October 2012



Anne’s novels¹ have been out of print far too long.

They have begun a new life in Europe.

Their old German publisher, DuMont Buchverlag GmbH & Co. in Köln (Cologne), wants them again. Others await translation.

Anne has had translated novels—police procedurals mostly set in Texas—published in France, Italy, and Hungary. She jokes that she has an entire shelf of books she wrote but can’t read. (She can read the British editions.)

Paul & Peter Fritz AG Literary Agency in Zurich² has now acquired literary rights in the German language, in perpetuity, worldwide, to all of her books, including those not written yet.


Anne hopes to finish a trilogy about the history of Texas in 1811–1813.

She is moving beyond her previous genre.

I have read the work in progress. The writing is seamless.

Due to illnesses and other commitments, she is building it catch-as-catch-can

When finished, it will interest Europeans, Americans, and Chinese.  

Who ever heard of a Texan letting herself be defeated?





Anne Wingate






1 See Her Bio and Novels and Non-Fiction on website.
2 Zurich is Switzerland’s principal city; German, the
   principal and regional language.    


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