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Business Plans

AMERICAN BUSINESS CUSTOMS dictate what a business plan must include.

The information to be presented is massive and maddeningly precise. When you look over The Questionnaire, you will see at a glance why many business plans take up to seven months to do.

The length of the finished plan is almost always 30 to 40 pages, single spaced in pica type. (Companies should keep their copies in looseleaf binders for periodic updating. Copies submitted to prospective investors, however, should be bound.)

Businesses are unique. Their plans should reflect this. Successful plans—those which attract investors—need no-nonsense clarity. When you are spending your own money, do you spend it on something sloppy?

Standard fees range from $25,000 to $60,000. The complexity of the material, the company’s time constraints, and the business acumen of the commissioned writer combine to set the fee. (Obviously, the writer must understand what he reads if he is to explain a company’s merits to investors who may know little or nothing about the industry.)

Prospective investors are not the only ones helped by a carefully crafted business plan.

The client company, especially when it is new, can derive much benefit from assembling the mountains of information The Questionnaire asks for. Inspection by experts not immediately involved will make management decisions easier. (Unsuspected dangers may be brought to light in private before anything inadvisable is done.)

FINALLY: style matters.

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