Since 1989


We price by the complexity of what we have to do.

We do not get paid by the length of the finished version. We do not get paid by hours invested.

Any writer will be happy to tell you that sometimes it is harder to write a single paragraph than to write a chapter. You have probably already found this out the hard way.

(Consider the transcontinental railroad built in the nineteenth century. Crossing the prairies, twenty miles of track could be laid in a day. Dynamiting through the Sierra Nevada, it could take months to lay twenty feet of track. The railroad was completed not far from Salt Lake City.)

The more you do before you meet us, the lower your price will be—unless what you have done is useless, of course.

If you have some deadline that must be met, that increases complexity and therefore increases what we will charge. You might have done better to have contacted us sooner than you did. For you to procrastinate and expect us to cut you slack is not businesslike.

We charge a reading fee (never less than $250 by check in advance) to study whatever you have done so far. We will assess the level of complexity. Your work might be better than you think it is. Or far worse—how can we know if you don’t show us?

For an initial consultation—“getting to know each other”—we charge $100 (by check in advance).

A major purpose of this website is to save us all the burden of initial consultations that turn out to be unsatisfactory.
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