Tiberias, Galilee




Dear Mr. Christ:



We have acted upon your commission to administer a co-ordinated battery of psychological tests to the twelve candidates whom you are considering as collaborators in an organization you are assembling. It will be some time before all the data have been processed and interpreted but certain preliminary findings are, in our judgment, of such significance that we are sending them on forthwith.


With regard to Mr. Simon Johnson (or Bar Jona), the profile for this candidate is marked by consistently unsound judgment, excessive emotional reactions, unreliability, and an unrealistic estimate of himself. He tends to be blunt in speech and quite rigid. Luckily you appear to sense this already, as the nickname that you gave him implies.


It is our opinion that Johnson, who has been conspicuously unsuccessful as a fisherman and who has had illness in the family, is only speciously magnanimous in his offer to leave all and to follow you. It is accordingly our urgent recommendation that you terminate speedily the association of Johnson with yourself and your organization.


We shall be forwarding you further recommendations about the aptitudes of the remaining candidates at an early date. You will want to know that Mr. Thomas Didymus failed to appear for his appointment with our evaluation team. This is usually an indicant of a latent hostility that will impair his usefulness in a corporate effort.


On the evidence assembled thus far, we can certainly recommend your associating Mr. J. Iscariot with your enterprise. He has the profile of a completely dependable, hard-working realist. He is open-minded and ready to change. Though he will be a hard-hearted, no-nonsense administrator, he has a deep concern for the poor and shows marked potential for growth and advancement in your organization.


In closing, we might note that the mission statement that you submitted to us for your organization, with its description of goals and strategies, struck our staff as incapable of attainment, not to mention verification by the scientific procedures that would make it credible to the world today. Should you, on further consideration, decide to jettison the whole enterprise, we would like to offer you a position on our staff. You have a certain natural flair for dealing with people that, with a few years of professional training, ought to be of real service to your fellow human beings.




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