Live Oak House
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Anne Wingate is the sole proprietor of Live Oak House, a home-based electronic publishing firm in Salt Lake City. All of these e-books are available at FictionWise, eBookWise, and Kindle.

Anne Wingate / author

Rentwing (2006) (first part of fantasy trilogy)

Anne Wingate / author

Of Going Forth By Day (2006) (one-act play)

A Copís Eye View in Poetry (2006)

First Swans (2007)

His Majesty, King Barba Negra (2007)

Montezumaís Bride (2007)

Margaret Van Tine / author (deceased)
Anne Wingate / co-author, editor

Dare the Mountain (2006)

Look to the Sky (2006)

The Bright Flame (2006)

High Justice (2006)

Johnston McCulley / author (deceased)
Anne Wingate / editor

The Mark of Zorro: The Editorís Cut (2006)

Johann David Wyss / author (deceased)
Anne Wingate / editor

Swiss Family Robinson: The Editorís Cut (2006)

Faith Stencel / author
Anne Wingate / editor

Faith on Faith (Lifeís Little Lessons) (2006)

Faith Stencel and Elizabeth Webb / co-authors
Anne Wingate / editor

The Tree House (2006)

Patrick Webb / author
Anne Wingate / editor

The Blood Sun Comes (2006)

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