Fair Warning

Wingate & Wingate, Writers
Live Oak House

We are not employers.

Wingate & Wingate, Writers

We are unable to accept new clients before March 2011.

We do not explain ourselves by telephone. That is what the website is for. It will save your time (and ours).

We can be abrupt. That is policy. Writers do not permit themselves to be interrupted. We are busier than you are.

We have no staff. We cannot respond speedily. We do not respond to everyone.

We do business only with the serious. If consultation fees and reading fees disturb you, you are not serious.

If you are not sure what you want to do, we are better off without you.

We are not an information bureau. Librarians are paid to answer your questions.

We no longer doctor books. We no longer prepare résumés.

We do not write or rewrite academic papers.

We are not calligraphers. (Yes, we have been asked that!)

We are not literary agents. (Someone listed us that way on Google.)

We do not provide writing samples. We expect you to know gold when you see it.

MOST EMPHATICALLY: WE DO NOT WORK ON SPECULATION. We will not bankroll your “wonderful idea.”

We seldom grant interviews.

We get paid to write. We do not get paid to talk. In fact, we get paid not to talk.

This firm agrees with Samuel Johnson: “Sir, no man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.”

We have provided eight sheaves of QUOTATIONS, each shorter than the last. These will open your eyes to our “un-corporate culture.”

It should be obvious that we are not “gadget people.”

Our concluding pages and links will prove helpful to writers.

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