Since 1989

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.


GHOST WRITERS are called that because they are paid to do without recognition, to forgo glory.

Writers, being human, mix their motives. This is as true of famous and established writers as it is of unknown beginners.

Writing is an exacting craft, an exhausting craft, at times an exhilarating craft.

What rewards do writers hope for? Prestige, influence, honor—the dignity of having said important things—pride in accomplishment—and, fairly often, money.

The writing industry is an industry in its own right. It is not a segment of some other industry.

Advances, royalties, residuals, promotions, options, renewals, annuities—these occur in other industries.

Our clients commission us to write extraordinarily well. We always do.

The privacy and secrecy of ghost writing make money—definite money now, not possible money later—the prime consideration.
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