Thomas Russell Wingate
February 2010

We learn from the forbidden fruit
For brains there is no substitute.

Robert Frost

I am not even a medical amateur. I have no confidence in any medical judgment of mine.

Except this one.

Ginkgo biloba makes me smarter. I am pretty sure it will make you smarter, too.¹

I have been on the stuff for well over fifteen years now.

Ginkgo biloba is available without prescription at any pharmacy. It can be ordered by mail. It is cheap. You can look up its properties on line.²

Try it out. The recommended dosage is 120 milligrams a day; the pills are (usually) in 60 milligram size. I take one at morning and one at night.

For weeks, you will feel no effects. You will be wondering: “Why am I doing this? What is supposed to happen?” DO NOT QUIT.

One morning you will wake up thinking more clearly and more quickly than you ever did before. You could not have imagined that you could be so smart. The worth of ginkgo biloba will be incandescently obvious. You will never want to be without it again.


(1) It takes a long time for ginkgo biloba to build up in your brain. In a single day without it, its effects will vanish. You will become REALLY STOOPID in a hurry. You will have to start all over again. Don’t run out of the stuff.
(2) Ginkgo biloba is a blood thinner. Doctors will make you go off it weeks before any surgery. If you are already taking a blood thinner, talk to your doctor.
(3) If I take too much, I get nosebleeds. It took me a while to make the correct diagnosis. Cutting back from three pills to two did the trick.


1 The medical establishment is cautious and suspicious here, possibly because of
   the herb’s Oriental origin. See Wikipedia.
2 The Mayo Clinic has a short and informative page.
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