Thomas Russell Wingate  

October 2018






Here I mockingly employ a Computer Age title to describe incremental improvements on Stone Age ... everything.




Do not fail to read The Paper Trail: An Unexpected History of a Revolutionary Invention (2016) by Alexander Monro. We are all indebted beyond our reckoning to the ingenuity of the Chinese. Monro tells us, but never tires us, in beautiful English, of connections across continents, religions, arts, and (yes!) bureaucracies.


Monro’s book deserves a prestigious and bountiful prize. The next time I read it I shall be enthralled all over again.




End of Chapter 15:


If the paper book were ever to approach its end, then I suspect the
novel would be the last form to fall.


End of Chapter 16:


Given the twin human desires of enjoying personal freedom and
controlling the freedom of others, this is an extraordinary strength.
Paper has, thankfully, proven itself to be beyond complete control.



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