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►► Salt Lake City is a medical capital. Good for us. Surgeries, convalescences, and therapists in 2013 and 2014 have reduced her activities but lessened no drives. This webpage keeps the oxygen of the old one.




Anne Wingate is recovering from incapacitating illnesses which went on seemingly forever. Rejoice: she has (finally) been (correctly) diagnosed with (partly treatable) beginning Parkinson’s. Depression and its lethargy are visibly gone.  


From no-drive, she has returned to her usual hyperdrive.¹


● Dr. Wingate enjoys editing and proofreading fiction and non-fiction.


(For pricing, see The Normal Way on website.)


● She is making a forceful impression in the sphere of book reviewing. In July 2012 she was accepted by Dedicated Book Reviewers and by NetGalley. In August 2012 she was accepted by Librarything and by ReviewtheBook.


In 2008 she was accepted by Distributed Proofreaders.


● She is a new member of


American Christian Fiction Writers.


Succeed: Small Business Network (Powered by Staples).


Worldwide Who’s Who.




                   International Screenwriters’ Association.


She reviews products and books for Amazon. Out of 10,000 top reviewers, her rank has reached 3,400 and will go higher due to recognition of her invalid status. On 325 reviews, she received 1,856 helpful votes. Amazon is keeping score.


          ● Blog in Montenegro


Books through the Garden Window features reviews of all sorts of books, interspersed with personal memorabilia and comments on ongoing life. Its URL is www.gardenwindow.me.








1 See Lights and Bushels on website.




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