WINGATE, THOMAS RUSSELL (“T”). Historian, poet, novelist, entrepreneur. Born Corning, New York 1947. No siblings. Army brat draft exempt for asthma. California 1956–75, Salt Lake City since. Intellectual conversion to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (first in lineage) 1971. First marriage 1974 divorce 1981: son 1976 daughter 1977. Eight grandchildren 2000–14. Second marriage (to novelist) since 1985. Adopted 1986 wife’s niece (1979–2006). Stepfather to three. Phenomenal command of English; respectable French. Decisive, methodical, inner directed. Refused legal career 1967 academic career 1969 to preserve creativity and integrity. Passed Foreign Service Entrance Examination 1970 failed interview 1971. Employment varied (always two years at least), mostly sales. Omnivorous reader (videos parallel habit). University of California: B.A. (history) Los Angeles 1968 M.A. (history) Santa Barbara 1970. University of Phoenix: M.B.A. (Sperling intensive curriculum) Salt Lake 1989. Married partnerships with Anne Wingate, Ph.D.: Wingate & Wingate, Writers since 1989; Pink Tree Press 1993–2002. Critic, Writer’s Digest Criticism Service 1992–98. Chief Financial Officer, Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation, Inc., since 2001. Literary eruption 1970; continuing with increasing complexity. Privacy, low profile essential. Marquis Who’s Who in America: biographee2008–.  Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome since 1985. Goldwater Republican 1962–75; Republican by default 2000–. Joined National Rifle Association 1999 to uphold liberty; Life Member 2004, Endowment Member 2013. Marquis Who’s Who in the World: biographee 2010–. ▲Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (on line by Marquis) 2018. Longevity in family: father died 82, mother 90.




Involvement in Mensa


First phase 1980–84. Proctor. Frequent contributor to Utah Mensa “Synapse.” Letter of commendation 1983 from Margot Seitelman (AML Brooklyn) for article widely reprinted in Mensa newsletters. Addressed Utah Mensa as poet once, as historian once.  Approached by mail from Texas 1984 through Mensa Register by “mail-order bride.” (First wife Mensa-qualified, did not join. Both wives professors.) Second phase 1998–2002. Mostly passive. Life Member 2006 to protest regression of modern education.

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