Live Oak House
e // 2006


Elsie Dinsmore

In 2010 Live Oak House will republish the nineteenth century Elsie Dinsmore novels. The earlier fourteen will be in the first volume; the later fourteen will be in the second. These will be available at FictionWise, eBookWise, and Kindle. The novels are well suited for home schooling. Their author’s original intent will be respected. Never before have these books been so carefully edited.

Anne Wingate’s introduction concludes: “Please read these books in the spirit in which [Martha] Finley wrote them. She was concerned for her readers’ salvation. So am I. That’s why I have gone through more than four million words several times, to be sure everything is as correct as I can make it without changing Finley’s words or meanings. They are serious popular literature, and should be treated as such, and not meddled with unnecessarily.”
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