Since 1989

Interview Cycles

“All I have are memories. There’s never been anything written.”

Many people say this.

We can deal with it.

In six interviews of two hours each, we can wring your memory dry.

We will tape record each interview. We will make a transcript of your remarks and ours. By the second interview, you will have studied the text of the first. By the third interview, you will have studied the text of the first two—and so on.

Your memories will flow.

When all this has been done, you will have the tapes and transcripts of six tightly woven interviews. Your heirs will be able to learn about you in your words, in your own voice.

You may stop there. You may also go further.

We can remake the transcripts into a narrative. We can do it in the first person (I was listening to the radio… ) or the third person (when he heard about Pearl Harbor).

We can treat your life as fiction. You may find that changing names and places enables you to speak more freely, to say those things which ought to be passed on.

We can even write about the life you wish you had led.

Your life has been unique.

We will tailor our writing to match it.
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