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A legacy story can be likened to a banquet.

You plan it a long time in advance. You select the guests, the dining hall, the degree of formality. You prepare the invitations, you decide upon the courses, you consult with the florist and the wine steward. You leave nothing to chance.

Someone must do the cooking. The host and the hostess cannot. It should not be expected of the guests.

Wingate & Wingate, Writers will do your legacy story.

Corporations and families need them. The lore that “everyone knows” vanishes unless it is written memorably and well. A sizeable part of your heritage is already gone, lost to you, lost to your heirs, because no one preserved it or knew what questions to ask.

A business is a human connection. Mergers and acquisitions are like marriages and births; restructurings are like deaths and divorces. Auditors, although necessary, cannot provide what the delicate ear requires.

A legacy story can be a major corporate asset, perhaps crucial to negotiation or litigation.

A legacy story can be a family heirloom more unifying than portraits or mansions.

Think of a banquet that renews itself.
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