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February 2012

July 2014






Twice in a row I attended the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. In 1983 I wandered from workshop to workshop. In 1984 I spent the entire week in the workshop on screenwriting. Paul Lazarus¹, our guru, said that I understood the theory of screenwriting better than most of his students ever had.


He awarded me the 1984 award as most promising screenwriting student. It was my first significant recognition. My offspring later knocked it down and broke it. This or something like it belongs in a novel or a screenplay.




I direct working professionals and advanced beginners to these on-line organizations.²


American Christian Fiction Writers. Small annual charge, but offers courses for purchase as well as free courses.


The Writers Store. Free, but offers many programs and courses for purchase. Very good networking arrangements free.


AuthorsDen. Slight charge.


Talentville. Monthly or annual charge; allows people to review other people’s scripts in return for getting their own scripts reviewed. The owner of the organization is the author of the most widely used screenwriting software. Excellent networking arrangements. Free, but pays very badly.


Criminal Element. Annual charge. Organization of TV crime writers, very good availability of networking and information.


International Screenwriters’ Association. Annual charge.


Networked Blogs. Blog syndication.









1 For some years head of Paramount Pictures. Not to be

   confused with son of same name: director, producer,

   writer of film, television, and theater.

2 See also Herself and Links on website.




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