Project Gutenberg >>

Project Gutenberg is the noblest venture on the World Wide Web. Volunteers and donations are wanted, welcome, and worthwhile.

In 2002 the Stockholm Challenge Award went to Project Gutenberg for worldwide cultural influence.

CONduit >>

Annual science fiction and fantasy convention held in Salt Lake City on Memorial Day weekend.

Bartleby >>

Useful to writers, readers, and accumulators.

Authors Guild >>

League of Utah Writers >>

Writers at Work [northern Utah] >>

Edward R. Hamilton >>

Hamilton catalogs are magnificent and free for the asking. The books are unsold, not used. You’ll be glad you signed up.

AramcoWorld >>

          Excellent English. Beautiful, informative. Excellent English. Free subscription. Excellent English.

Adams Press >>

Excellent subsidy publisher.

Penny Wise >>

Everything your office needs. Rapid delivery nationwide.

Arts & Letters Daily >>

George Orwell >>

Patron saint of honest writers. (From Russia, with respect.)

Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

Avoid wrongs >>


          Beautiful, persuasive, enjoyable.

World Intellectual Property Organization >>

U.S. Copyright Office >>

Academic Ranking of World Universities >>

CFIDS Association of America >>

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome is underreported in the mainstream media and in medical publications and curricula. CFIDS continues to demolish families and careers. We should all become informed.

The Great Courses >> 

                   The best avenue to higher learning. Quality, convenience, thrift.

Liberty Library >>

Documents from Hammurabi onward.

You Were There >> 

Manhattan Declaration >>

Count us in. You, too, we hope.

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