Live Oak House
e- // 2006–

Anne Wingate is the sole proprietor of Live Oak House, a home-based electronic publishing firm. It is registered with the State of Utah and licensed by Salt Lake City Corporation.

[In late 2017 bureaucracies required a change of name to Live Oak Publishing House.]

Live Oak House plans to republish the Mark Shigata novels and the Deb Ralston novels. This will take a long time, since their author is improving the text as she goes. New York editors distorted her stories and much of their meanings. Fans—bless them all!—are advised that the electronic versions will be more “authentic” than what New York considers allowable.

These novels are now out of print. Autographed copies of many (but not all) can be ordered by mail. Inquire by e-mail* as to availability and price.

*See Contact on website.

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