Since 1989

Mission Statement

1 This firm will make profits.
2 This firm will do nothing to which it is not suited.
3 Quality is our product. Talent and knowledge, which we have refined and enlarged since our childhoods, are the main assets of our profession.
4 Our profession is writing. To some extent, we must be explainers. Notwithstanding this, it must be borne constantly in mind that we are writers by aptitude and intention, whereas we are explainers only by circumstances. We are not middlemen to publishers.
5 This firm is in a new industry: the writing industry. We are not hobbyists. We are not entertainers. We are not dilettantes. We are not beginners. We are not speculators.
6 In our chosen industry, we are—no bushels here—the best. We set our fees accordingly. We respect our competitors but have no fear of them. We recognize that many clients will prefer their services to ours.
7 Although our industry is destined to expand, our firm’s emphasis will be upon quality, not quantity. Our clientele will be kept satisfied but not large. We will strive for permanent relationships.
8 Pro bono publico projects will be done in secrecy.
9 We will do small things well and big things boldly.

Husband and wife both included in
Marquis Who’s Who in America
Marquis Who’s Who in the World

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