An asterisk before the title indicates that Thomas Russell Wingate was involved in the writing. This began in 1988.

Many novels were republished abroad as paperbacks. Four foreign languages were used.

These novels are now out of print. Autographed copies of many (but not all) can be ordered by mail. Inquire by e-mail as to availability and price.

Anne Wingate

The Mark Shigata series (New York: Walker)

1. Death by Deception  (1988)
2. The Eye of Anna  (1989)  // French
3. *The Buzzards Must Also Be Fed  (1991)  // French
4. *Exception to Murder  (1992)
5. *Yakuza, Go Home!  (1993)

Lee Martin (pseudonym**)

The Deb Ralston series (New York: St. Martin’s)

1. Too Sane A Murder  (1984)  // British, Italian, German
2. A Conspiracy of Strangers  (1986)  // British, Italian, German, French
3. *Murder at the Blue Owl  (1988)  // British, German
4. *Death Warmed Over  (1988)  // German
5. *Hal’s Own Murder Case  (1988)  // German
6. *Deficit Ending  (1990)  // German, Hungarian
7. *The Mensa Murders  (1990)  // German
8. Hacker  (1992)  // German
9. *The Day that Dusty Died  (1993)  // German
10. *Inherited Murder  (1994)  // German
11. *Bird in a Cage  (1995)  // German
12. *Genealogy of Murder  (1996)

The Deb Ralston series (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft)

13. *The Thursday Club  (1997)

The Charlie Sosa series (Salt Lake City: Notorious Press)

1. Weaving Murder  (2006)

Martha G. Webb (pseudonym)

EARLY NOVELS (New York: Walker)

1. Darling Corey’s Dead  (1984)  // British
2. A White Male Running  (1985)  // British
3. Even Cops’ Daughters  (1986)

**A different Lee Martin writes westerns. We wish him well.


Scene of the Crime: A Writer’s Guide to Crime-Scene Investigation

Suggested and published by Writer’s Digest Books (Cincinatti, 1992)

Author: Anne Wingate, Ph.D.

Ghost partner: (Thomas Russell Wingate)

(This was the best-seller in the Writer’s Guide series. It found an unexpected audience among police officers.)

Amateur Detectives: A Writer’s Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases

Suggested and published by Writer’s Digest Books (Cincinnati, 1996)

Joint authors: Elaine Raco Chase // Anne Wingate, Ph.D.

(Malice Domestic nominated this book for its Agatha Award for Best Non-Fiction of 1996. Only five books were nominated.)






          Half a Second to Decide: Will a Secret Service Agent Assassinate the President?


          Published by Live Oak House through Amazon (Kindle*, 2016; paperback, 2017)

                                                   *former title One of Us


          Authors: Anne Wingate and Paul Albergine (deceased)

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