Since 1989

We are a husband-wife partnership licensed by Salt Lake City Corporation and registered with the State of Utah. There are no employees. No merchandise is sold; therefore, no sales tax is collected.

Contracts are required of clients and subcontractors. These contracts will be quite specific. Normally none will run longer than a single page. (There is no fee for the drafting of the contract.)

Clients who wish their attorneys to prepare contracts are advised that Wingate & Wingate, Writers will insist upon appending a Memorandum of Understanding to each contract. These memoranda will be in plain English. They will assist everyone in avoiding litigation.

We will guarantee confidentiality to clients who wish it. Identical guarantees will be made by subcontractors (e.g., typists, illustrators, translators).

Clients who wish us to decline projects similar in thrust to their own—who does not have competitors?—may secure our forbearance to write for twelve months. Our consideration for this option will not be less than $5,000.

Clients requiring travel will bear the expenses incurred. Our bill will be itemized; long distance telephone calls will be included.

We will issue receipts for all payments.
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