Since 1989

Security Measures

WE KEEP COPIES of letters, contracts, memoranda, inventories, receipts, and the like until we can be sure we will not need them. The legal system pretty much requires this.

WE DO NOT KEEP COPIES of your project.

When we submit the typescript and compact disk to you, you can be sure that no unauthorized copies exist anywhere.

Rough drafts have already been destroyed.

We prefer photocopies to original documents. Our habits impel us to write on documents in different colors of ink. If you entrust us with an important original, we shall make copies of it right away and return the original to you as soon as possible.

We do not wish to bear the moral and legal burden of safeguarding valuables. We are not curators. We are not librarians.

WE KEEP SECRETS. Therefore, we make no copies of projects or of parts of projects.

From the CD you can make other CDs; from any of these, the typescript can be recreated. (The typescript may of course be photocopied.)

YOU SHOULD CONSIDER keeping the CD (or one copy of it) in a safe deposit box. It can be easily stored. It can just as easily be damaged, lost, or stolen.

COMPUTER VIRUSES threaten us all. Our computers are protectedówe think. We hope. But how sure can anyone be?
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