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Technology and Options

When a writing project has been completed, what do the results look like?

Not much: sheets of paper stacked in a cardboard box, along with a compact disc.

If commercial publication is intended, the typescript should be reproduced. A copy should be sent to those who arrange such matters. By industry custom, pages should be boxed and unbound.

If private circulation is intended, the typescript should be reproduced in whatever quantity is desired. Many photocopying stores—we use FedEx Office (Kinko’s of old)—are equipped to bind pages together. Perfectly usable bound copies can be made inexpensively and quickly.

If elegance and permanence are desired, the typescript may be reproduced onto long-lasting paper and put into de luxe bindings. Naturally, this would take longer and cost more, but the impression such a book would make might well be worth it.

All of these approaches may be undertaken—one at a time, or all at once.

Writing, printing, copying, binding, publishing, advertising, criticism, and liaison are separate endeavors involving quite different types of people.
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