Since 1989


There are two kinds of time: clock time and mental time.

Creative work consumes mental time. Clocks and calendars have nothing to do with it. Therefore, we cannot set fees, or collect fees, by clocks or calendars.

When it is done, creative work is easily distinguished from the humdrum.

Wingate & Wingate, Writers will always stand out.

Writing projects do not proceed A B C D … They tend to go H R F N A L … A lot of skipping around occurs.

To refresh ourselves, we use days and nights when we are stymied to work on our own projects or another client’s.

Energies expended on someone else’s project(s) may very well enhance yours.

After all, what else could our experience be? We are the better for having lots of it and for not having gone stale.

We are being paid for the project, not for the lapse of time.
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