Since 1989

God is not an author of confusion… Let all things be done decently and in order.

Saint Paul

We must all have it straight what we are going to do, what it will cost if we do it, where the money will come from, and when it will come.

The Memorandum of Understanding will define the project. It need not be a statement of agreement or a promise to agree. It is an invitation for the frank expression of differing perceptions and priorities.

The Appraisal will set out what sums Wingate & Wingate, Writers must have to do the project. Expenses that must be incurred will probably be mentioned (and perhaps itemized). It may (or may not) cite fees suggested in the most recent edition of Writer’s Market.

If the Contract is written by Wingate & Wingate, Writers, it will refer to documents other than itself. All signers will have copies of all such documents before signing.

Whenever papers, books, photographs, and the like change hands, a chain of custody will be established. A Receipt for Loaned Materials, and perhaps an Inventory, will change hands, signed in both directions.

A Receipt and Stipulation will be issued whenever Wingate & Wingate, Writers receives money from clients or pays money to subcontractors.
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