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You can look up Pindar in any encyclopedia.

Alexander the Great burned his home town. The troops were ordered to spare the temples, lest any of the gods be outraged, and to save the house where Pindar had lived a hundred years earlier.

From this, you can see that Pindar had great prestige. Alexander would have been delighted to pay for Pindar’s writing.

Pindar was commissioned by the wealthy to compose hymns commemorating their military and athletic heroes. It wasn’t enough to have an Olympic champion in the family; you had to make sure he got talked about forever. The way to do this was to get made-to-order choral lyrics—think Rodgers & Hammerstein—meant to be used generation after generation.

Pindar’s lyrics are considered so exquisite that some have learned ancient Greek for the sole purpose of hearing them in the mind’s ear.

Pindar charged top drachma. His odes served his clients superbly. Where else can you read the names of contestants twenty-four hundred years in the grave?

Pindar extolled excellence. Better than that, he delivered it.

This isn’t Greek to Wingate & Wingate, Writers.

No song, no dance. Just obvious excellence.

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