Since 1989

A major survey of businesses along the Wasatch Front revealed that their most serious, and most often unmet, personnel need is people who can write clearly. Business leaders particularly emphasized their inability to locate people who can write proposals.

Poor writing is an embarrassment. Worse than that, it can cause misunderstandings that cost time and money. Poorly written proposals lose sales; poorly written letters leave customers confused or infuriated; poorly written technical manuals produce delay, waste, injuries, and fatalities.

We do not confine our practice to the spheres of business and government. We will finish or improve novels, plays, stories, and books of all sorts.

Although we are not genealogists, we will do family histories. Novels and plays based upon family histories are also possible.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that despite ghost writing, editing, or rewriting, we cannot guarantee that the work will sell to a commercial publishing house. Editors are unpredictable; even the most famous writers get rejection slips. However, we do guarantee that we’ll give your manuscript the same care and attention we give our own—and our publication record is substantial.

We charge top dollar and earn it. We invite you to think of us as wording designers. We will enhance the dignity of your business, your community, and your name.
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